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How do I create a free listeners account?
How do I create a free listeners account?

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When finding content that you enjoy, and want to get email reminders, or notifications, you will want to create a free listeners account. While the account will still allow you to create your own show if you would like, this is not necessary.

What are the benefits for creating an free account?

You can follow shows

Receive email notifications for your favorite shows

Connect with others, when episodes are live in the live chats

Help hosts with their statistics as they would get more information on their listeners

To create a free account, please visit the main page of BlogTalkRadio and then click on the Sign Up option at the top right of the page.

Please select the free option, and it will ask you to sign up via email where you will need to enter your valid email address, or sign up by Facebook or Twitter, and give the account a username and password. From here, you save the changes and get the confirmation link to the email address on file.

Now, you would be able to follow shows, or get emails about your favorite content.

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