Import your old RSS feed in 1 step

Importing previously-published episodes from another hosting provider

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If you're a new BTR users coming from another provider, this is how you can import your old episodes in one step.

If you have episodes from an RSS feed, head to your Dashboard page to locate the More For My Show section (located to the right side of the page) and click the Import Podcasts or RSS Feed option. Enter the URL of the feed in the box, and click Test Feed URL. The entire list of episodes within your RSS Feed will be displayed. At the bottom of the list, click Start Feed Import. This will import all the episodes from that RSS feed and publish the individual episodes to your profile. The episodes will be a part of your BTR RSS feed and syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher, the embeddable player, and other podcatchers. You'll only need to do this one time. 

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