An introduction to live broadcasting

Use the BTR studio to run live broadcasts with guests from around the globe

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Many hosts love to run a live broadcast. As the show streams live, your loyal listeners can tune-in live, call-in, and interact with you. As soon as the broadcast is over, we publish an archive of the show on your BlogTalkRadio profile for on-demand listening. We syndicate the episode to your BlogTalkRadio RSS feed, iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcatchers. We also give you the opportunity to embed your show onto your website or blog and post links that play natively in Facebook and Twitter feeds.

If this process sounds simple that’s because it is. We’ve designed our platform to be a unified solution for podcasters so you don’t have to juggle multiple tools to record and syndicate your show.

To take some pressure off of the live experience, you can use pre-produced content like interviews, discussions, and segments. You can have these clips play automatically at the start of the broadcast as your start-up audio or you can trigger the live clips from your studio as you broadcast and alternate between live and pre-recorded content. The beauty of this workflow is that you can add-in callers and guests for live interaction even though you’ve already created most of the content for your show. If you’d like to add callers and guests to your pre-recorded content, pay particular attention to the Preparing your audio files section.

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