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How to interpret new metrics

Your organic listens number (BETA) should be used as the most brutal, honest assessment of your reach and how well you are satisfying users on the broad scale. You should aim for steady growth of your deduplicated listens numbers over time. The growth should be greater from month to month if you are new and just starting out, but slow as you reach a point of “saturation” which is usually a sign that:

  • Your show as it stands now has reached it’s limit in audiences based on its topic or show composition

  • Your show format might need revisiting to increase its appeal

  • Your promotional efforts might need revisiting

Your Abandonment rate (BETA) should be used as an assessment of how well your opening two minutes of your show hooks listeners. If this is above 25%, it is usually one of these reasons:

  • You are losing people with your introduction. We have a webinar and guide to help you design a hook for your introduction here. A hook keeps listeners engaged. Popular hook techniques include creating a tease, previewing topics, and framing engaging questions. Read the article and watch the webinar to learn more.

  • The show content is not really relevant to the traffic that is coming to it. If your listens are high, but abandonment rate is above 30%, this can be because your marketing efforts might be driving “drive-by traffic” to your content. This means that potential listeners are enticed but do not stick around because the content does not match their expectations. Spam can also manifest in your metrics as high abandonment rates.

Your Completion rate (BETA) should be used as an assessment of how well your show format engages listeners. Sort your episode list in descending order by this metric to find your most engaging episodes - there is much to learn from your best episodes. Note however, that episodes with low listens but high engagement are less credible examples.

How can I leave feedback?

Very often, the launch of new measurement tools to a community will open up new insights and learnings unanticipated by designers of such systems. We are quite sure the community is going to learn new things as you start playing round with the new tools. If you have feedback you’d like our product team to consider, email - our team looks at this email account before each sprint. 

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