We’ve worked hard on our end to make sure that your audio is sampled and compressed in pro-quality (44.1 kHz, 128 kbps MP3). Your microphone influences the level of quality you’ll achieve. If you use the microphone that is built-in to your laptop, it will pick up a lot of ambient noise that will distort your recording. In this article, we highlight a few simple setups you can use to ensure a high-quality recording. Aside from a recording device, you'll need headphones to avoid feedback. Here is a quick rundown of our suggestions:

  • Best quality: USB microphone and any earphones

  • Intermediate option: A USB headset (has a microphone and headphones combined in one unit)

  • Guest option (lowest quality): Apple or Android earbuds (these have a mic built-in to the cable). This is the lowest-quality option but uses equipment you are likely to have on-hand. Make sure you know where the microphone is and hold it close to your face.

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