If you scheduled an upcoming episode and the start time appears wrong on your Studio, chances are, the timezone in your account has not been set properly. It is important to set your account in the timezone in which you reside.    
To set the correct timezone for your account, follow these steps: 

  • Go the drop down menu located to the upper right of your screen and choose the Settings option.

  • Scroll to the “About Me” section and choose your timezone from the list 

  • If you do not see your timezone listed in the drop down menu, click to select "Display All Timezones" and then select your timezone accordingly. 

  • Click the “Save Settings” button located towards the bottom of the page. 

Ideally, the timezone should be set before you schedule an upcoming episode. If you have already scheduled an upcoming episode and then need to change your timezone, you'll need to edit the upcoming episode to set the proper start time.

Note - it can take 24 hours for the account to fully update with the timezone changes.


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