As the host, you can send your guest/co-host an email invite to connect with using the Direct Connect option from within the Create form while scheduling for the episode, or directly from the Studio page. On the Studio, click the Invite Guest/Co-host button, enter the email address of your guest/co-host, and then click the Send Invitations button. Your guest will receive an email that will contain a link to connect along with instructions. 

To connect to the show, your guest/co-host will need:

  • To use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 

  • The guest connection link that your host sent you.

  • A reliable broadband Internet connection

  • A quiet room with lots of cushions and furniture if you think you'll hear an echo

  • A simple microphone and earphone setup

  • Keep a landline phone handy in case you have Internet connection or technical issues during your show. We can record your interview in phone quality as a last resort.

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