Do I have to use a microphone? What’s the best one to use?

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We’ve worked hard on our end to make sure that your audio is sampled and compressed in pro-quality (44.1 kHz, 128 kbps MP3). Your microphone influences the level of quality you’ll achieve. If you use the microphone that is built-in to your laptop, it will pick up a lot of ambient noise that will distort your recording. In this article, we highlight a few simple setups you can use to ensure a high-quality recording. Aside from a recording device, you'll need headphones to avoid feedback. Here is a quick rundown of our suggestions:

  • Best quality: USB microphone and any earphones

  • Intermediate option: A USB headset (has a microphone and headphones combined in one unit)

  • Guest option (lowest quality): Apple or Android earbuds (these have a mic built-in to the cable). This is the lowest-quality option but uses equipment you are likely to have on-hand. Make sure you know where the microphone is and hold it close to your face.

Please note, that bluetooth equipment such as Air buds, Galaxy buds and similar are not compatible with the system.

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