Embedding Your Episodes On Web Pages, Blogs, And Social Posts

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In this article, we’ll discuss:

What updates have you made to the player?

Not only can you embed this sleek player anywhere, you can measure all listens generated by the player, whether they happen in a Twitter or Facebook feed, your website, or a fan’s blog. You no longer have to sacrifice measurement for design and performance.


Everyone can embed the single-episode and multiplayer. You can even encourage listeners to embed episodes on their blogs and social media posts. Hosts with large accounts can also use the player to stream their live shows.

How do I embed the player in a tweet or Facebook post?

There are two ways to do this. The first way, is to click the ‘share’ button to the right of the player on the episode page.

The second way is to copy-paste the URL of any episode page into your tweet or Facebook post. You can find the URL by navigating to an episode and copying the URL that is in the web address bar.


How do I embed the player in a blog post or website?

First, click the ‘share’ button to the right of the player on the episode page and copy the embed code.

Then, paste the embed code into your blog or website code.


How do I embed the multiplayer?

On the host page, click the </> symbol under the profile image. Then, copy-paste the embed code into the blog post or website of your choice.

What if I embedded the old player?

If you’ve embedded the old player, you'll notice we've updated the look and feel. If you'd like your listeners to see the wave animation, you'll need to update the embed code.

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