To use Direct Connect, follow these steps:

  • At the scheduled time, open you Studio page.

  • Click the Direct Connect button located towards the upper left of your screen.

  • A pop-up window will display asking for permission for Flash to access your Microphone. Click ‘Allow’

  • Direct Connect will dial into your studio to begin your recording session. Press 1 to Start Your Show Now.

  • You will know you are connected to Studio when the caller list displays that the Host has dialed in, and your Mute/Un-Mute/Screen controls are visible.

Make sure you are using updated versions of Chrome or Firefox. Also, you need to have good bandwidth. We’ve done a few stress tests and know that Direct Connect works if you have 0.78 Mbps (780 kbs) download and .33 Mbps (330 kbs) upload speeds with at least 100ms latency. 

Best Practices for Direct Connect  

Before your next show unplug your headset, mic, and/or mixer. Then close the browser, plug in your headset, mic, or mixer, and then relaunch the browser and login.


  • A good headset

  • High-Speed Internet connect

  • Hardwired modem or router connection (not wireless)

  • Close all extra programs running in the background on your computer

  • Minimize household usage of your internet connection 

Check out our Gear Guide for more tips.

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